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After years of pain, coal becomes one of the hottest commodities of 2016
Published by Mining Weekly - 18th August 2016

Less than a year after the coal industry was declared to be in terminal decline, the fossil fuel has staged its steepest price rally in over half a decade, making it one of the hottest major commodities.

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One Dollar Coal Mine Reopens, Creates New Jobs
Published by Australian Mining - 19th May 2016

The Isaac Plains coal mine reopened yesterday, highlighting the promising long term prospects for the state’s resources sector.

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Another Strong Year for DBCC

Published by ILC - 3rd March 2016

2015 Calendar Year saw another strong Outloading year through Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal of 69.69 MTPA.  (Tonnes for completed ships)
This fell only about  260,000t short of 2014's record year of 69.95 MTPA.

2015 Output
Published by ILC - 3rd March 2016

2015 saw another strong throughput for the supply chain of 69,686,774t, representing a 0.4% decrease on 2014. The DBCC railed 75 less trains and loaded the same number of vessels in 2015 when compared to 2014.

Annual Total 2013 2014 2015 
Coal Chain Throughput 65,444,233t 69,947,368t  69,686,774t
Total Vessels 614 668  668
Total Trains 6,760 7,162  7,087
Average Payload 9,692t 9,746t  9,865t